Christmas Comes a Little Early

I just wanted to say thanks to one of our clients in Chicago who sent us this nice Cisco 48-port manageable switch for the OpenNMS lab.

I had posted a question on the discuss list about manageable switches and they had one they were phasing out. Now if anyone has a decent SPARC system they want to get rid of …

5 thoughts on “Christmas Comes a Little Early

  1. Actually I have some old ultra’s I never ever evre use anymore. I will try and dig them out of the garage and send ya the models. I think one is a low end sparc. The other is an old ultra5. Will I get one of those cool jackets huh, huh, huh…

  2. @botchagalupe: We need something better than the Ultra 30 we have in the shop, so I think the Ultra5 is out. But thanks for offering.

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