LinuxWorld – Scenes from a Show, part 1

One of the reasons I wanted to come to LWE was the geek factor. I have been a bit disappointed. For example, there were two presentations on LDAP – one an overview of directories and one, supposedly, about implementation. However, the second one repeated the consulting mantra: requirements analysis, gap analysis, technology choice, yadda, yadda.

I don’t agree with that method anymore. I believe in results. So I wanted to see something like “hey, I want to manage the passwords on my multiple servers in LDAP. After ‘apt-get install openldap’ what now?”

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LinuxWorld – Jack Messman

Well, I’ve made it to LinuxWorld. I am staying at a friend’s place in Brooklyn, so I ventured into the NYC subway system for the second time in my life, and the first time unescorted.

Of course the train in front of us immediately broke down, and we sat for about 20 minutes waiting for the problem to get cleared up. But I made it to the Javits Center in plenty of time for the keynote.

Jack Messman, CEO and Chairman of Novell, was the first keynote speaker. Novell, a US$1 billion company has spent over US$250 million in the last year expanding its open-source position, mainly with the purchase of Ximian and SuSE Linux.

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Start Spreading the News …

Well, here I am, New York City.

I’m here for LinuxWorld Expo, and while we don’t have an OpenNMS booth, we may in the summer in San Francisco.

I hope to use this week to talk about what I see in the future, both for OpenNMS and open-source in general. So I hope I don’t bore.

First off, 1.1.3. I must apologize again for the delay, but I really want 1.2 to be useful for a long time, and thus we are trying to fix the most annoying bugs, and get the most features.

That said, I’ll put a stake in the ground and say Friday, Feb 6th, for 1.1.3.

Well, I need to grab some sleep. More tomorrow.

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

Okay, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a little more active on this blog. Heck, I can’t be much more inactive, can I? (grin)

I moved it to the new server and with Eric Evans’ help got it running, and what do I find? 2400+ blog spam comments.

So, off I go to clean it up, and install MT-Blacklist, and guess what? I still get spam.

Thus there is a new policy. For the three people who read this thing, I’ll leave comments open for one week. That way it will just be easier to edit out the spam comments that make it passed the filter. Sorry for the inconvenience.