JDBC Poller

I feel terrible. I thought I had sent out a notice about this, but I can’t find it anywhere, so here it is, better late than never.

José Vicente Nunez Zuleta has written a true JDBC poller for OpenNMS. Currently, OpenNMS just does a TCP port check on well known database ports. This is still the default, since true database polling requires a username and password, and since the chance of this being available out of the box is slim, we will continue to check ports.

However, once possible databases are discovered, they can be configured to allow OpenNMS to poll them using a true synthetic transaction. The poller will connect and attempt to get the database catalog. If this is successful, the poll is sucessful – otherwise it fails.

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Scripts? Scripts? We don't need no stinkin' scripts …

Jim Doble has written an interesting new daemon for OpenNMS called ScriptD. This process, governed as usual from a configuration file, allows one to generally or specifically execute actions based on events in OpenNMS.

The scripting language, as I understand it, is beanshell. As Jim writes: You will notice that BeanShell is a lot like Java, but with some relaxed syntax. For example you don’t have to define types for your variables, and attributes for which there are simple get methods can be accessed as properties (i.e. you can say event.uei or event.getUei() interchangably.)
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Near Term Road Map

Okay, I am going to try and put some stakes in the ground for OpenNMS release schedules.

  • OpenNMS 1.1.2: Release the first week in September.
  • OpenNMS 1.1.3: Release the first week in October. This will be the 1.2 release candidate.
  • OpenNMS 1.2: Released on November 15th.

There you have it.

Mad Props to Europe

When Alexander Hoogerhuis asked me to move some of the OpenNMS wishlist from Amazon.com US to Amazon.com UK, I was a little skeptical that anything would happen. I was very wrong. I have had to restock the wishlist three times now.

Thanks. It is appreciated.