Have You Been Lost?

I like to travel, which is a good thing since I just spent most of the last six weeks on the road. I was in Beverly Hills for a client, then England for a week with Arqiva. I got to visit with Jonathan Sartin (our ambassador to the UK and OGP member) and then headed off to Geneva. We have a large client there, and I got to spend a night in the French Alps as well as visiting the town of Annecy. After Geneva it was off to Naples to visit with Antonio Russo (our ambassador in Italy) who is working on some topology and map code. Unfortunately, I also got Lyme’s disease from a tick bite, and so I’ve been incredibly tired. This didn’t help me much since after the two weeks in Europe I was off to Texas, and I am now writing this from Arlington, VA (right outside of DC) and watching the boats on the Potomac.

I once had a friend named Lucy who worked at the local supermarket. She tried (somewhat in vain) to teach me Swahili, and I don’t remember much. I do remember that if I had been gone for awhile, she would greet me with a phrase that translated to “Have you been lost?”. I loved it. It implied that, of course, there is no way that I would have been rude enough to stay away so long unless something had happened: i.e. unless I had been lost.

So I wanted to apologize for not writing in such a long time. I eat, live and breathe OpenNMS, so I haven’t been away from the project, but I have been rather scarce on the lists.

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