Europe 2008: Home

Well, I made it home, and after 14 hours of sleep I’m feeling much better.

We flew out of Heathrow Saturday morning with only a half hour delay, and arrived in Raleigh with warm temperatures and fuel prices that had increased 50 cents a gallon while we were gone. They are still a long way from the US$10-US$12 a gallon in Europe, but we’re getting closer.

Some statistics:

Countries visited: Five (Six if you count a layover in Denmark)
Number of days gone: 15
Number of different beds: 11

Planes: 8
Trains: 11
Automobiles: 6
Buses: 6

There were only three flight delays and they were minor, and my bag managed to find me the whole time. We managed a total of four OpenNMS seminars, and I think they were well received.

All in all an amazing trip, but not something I would want to do again unless I could add a day between each country to recover.

One thought on “Europe 2008: Home

  1. Folks, let me say a big “thank you” for your efforts and your time in Europe! It was a big pleasure to attend Davids seminar in Frankfurt and I enjoyed it very very much! And of course, I hope to meet you guys again here in the “old world” 😉 Cheers!

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