OpenNMS Reaches 1 Vigintillion Downloads, Proves Extraterrestrial Life

PITTSBORO, NC – 1 April 2008

Today OpenNMS announced the 1 vigintillionth download of OpenNMS: Enterprise Edition®. This milestone was reached within three hours of the initial press release announcing the availability of the product, and suggests that OpenNMS now has over 1 vigintillion potential clients.

“Considering that the population of the planet Earth is around 6 billion people (6E09) this amazing number of downloads (a vigintillion is 1E63) can only mean one thing: we are not alone in this universe, ” said Tarus Balog, CEO and Poobah Emeritus of The OpenNMS Group. “The fact that these downloads occurred so quickly means that we are dealing with intelligent life with technologies well beyond what we have today. They may not even look like us, or perhaps they are masquerading as elderly Swedes.”

Beam me up!

Wearing a new tinfoil hat, Balog went on to say that his team would welcome the new alien overlords and masters as they obviously have excellent taste in management software. He stopped short of announcing new monitors for interstellar engines and spaceship control systems, but hinted they would be added soon.

3 thoughts on “OpenNMS Reaches 1 Vigintillion Downloads, Proves Extraterrestrial Life

  1. I knew it had to be a gag.

    I mean, come on, that tinfoil hat didn’t even have proper frontal lobe coverage. Any fool knows you have to protect the frontal lobes if you want your mind to remain free from illuminati/extraterrestrial axis control.

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