OpenNMS Enterprise Edition Announced

PITTSBORO, NC – 1 April 2008

Today OpenNMS is proud to announce the availability of “OpenNMS: Enterprise Edition®”.

“The definition of ‘open source’ applications is changing,” states Tarus Balog, Chief Executive Office of the OpenNMS Group, “and OpenNMS must change with it. Some customers today are not satisfied with the open and totally free version of OpenNMS, and so we have had to adapt. The general industry consensus is that without a strong commercial presence, it is not possible for an open source project to deliver quality code on time. We want to make sure that OpenNMS can meet the demands of all potential clients, and not just those who want the best possible value for their management investment. Yeah, we’re talking about boatloads of money here.”

The main, and in fact only, difference between the plain old, reliable and free OpenNMS and OpenNMS: Enterprise Edition® is the logo.

OpenNMS Enterprise Logo

That, and the price. As with other vendors the actual cost of OpenNMS: Enterprise Edition® will be highly subjective and obsfucated. The following calculator has been created for clients to estimate the cost of an OpenNMS: Enterprise Edition® deployment.

Number of Routers:
Number of Switches:
Number of Servers:
Number of :
Number of :
Number of :

Your price* for OpenNMS Enterprise Edition, based on the number of managed elements estimated above, is:


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* Price quoted is for licenses / right-to-use only, and does not include product maintenance (25% of list price above; not subject to any discounts; required for technical support and access to new versions of the Software).


3 thoughts on “OpenNMS Enterprise Edition Announced

  1. You know, last month, when I saw this announcement, I thought the new pricing structure was going to be a big leap forward. Now I’m not so sure.

    You see, I’ve been utterly unable to find out OpenNMS’s exact definition of “hand soap dispensers”. Does that include dispensers actively in use, or hot spares? Because my particular brand of hand soap is unavailable in bulk form. The *only* way to buy it is in bottles that include a pump – whether or not I intend to use it that way. (I don’t.)

    So not only do I have to pay for the two dispensers I actually have, but I think OpenNMS is charging for all those “standby” dispensers which, to me, are nothing but delivery vehicles. Bet you didn’t think that virtualization licensing controversies could be generalized to hand soap, did ya? Huh?

    (This was much more apropos before I logged in and “Number of hand soap dispensers” changed to “Number of bad Steven Seagal Films.” Now I have nothing to say, except “Stop with the kicking!”, which reference nobody will get.)

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