I love my job for a number of reasons, but one is that for once in my life I often have the financial ability to help friends realize their dreams (as I’ve been able to realize a number of mine).

Today I am wearing my Severed Fifth “Liberate” T-shirt that I just received in the mail.

Jono Bacon plays in Severed Fifth, and we were more than happy to help him and the rest of the guys out when announced they were working on their first professionally recorded album, and this is the result. We also got a nice little “thank you” in the digipak, right behind the CD.

No matter what type of music you like, the album is worth checking out just to get to hear Jono sing in his spooky, evil angry voice. I like to listen to it whenever I feel my energy lag, such as right now, this afternoon, after the pizza I had for lunch.

I love what the digital revolution has done to empower artists like Jono (as well as Jonathan Coulton, Louis CK, and others). With digital distribution disrupting traditional business models in media, music and software, it’s always refreshing to see the level of professionalism available without expensive (and increasingly unnecessary) middlemen.

Plus, I guess that in the word’s of MC Frontalot:

♫ Severed Fifth is in the tee shirt business ♫