Groundwork Survey: "Possible Community Edition Revision"

Okay, I know beating a dead horse isn’t going to make it run any faster, but only 19 months after releasing their last “community edition” it looks like the company known as Groundwork Open Source is, at least considering, maybe, possibly, offering another community edition revision. On the table are considerations that it might not be free and it might not be open source (at least in how I read the survey questions) but I doubt they’ll let anything get in the way of “release early, release often”.

Oh, wait …

One thought on “Groundwork Survey: "Possible Community Edition Revision"

  1. I find it interesting that all those that actually took the time to respond to the survey, with comments, were only users looking for product that didn’t cost or was low cost. They really saw no value w.r.t. open source. This tells me that there is no buy in from an open source community only a community looking for lower cost alternatives. Probably due to a lack of commitment from GW to the community and really not understanding the values of open source themselves. From day 1 I think we’ve agreed it has only been a marketing vehicle for “non-free” software.

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