Welcome Portugal (Country 22) and Egypt (Country 23)

We have built The OpenNMS Group to be a company that can serve clients worldwide, without boundaries. I am always excited when we sign up any new client, but I really enjoy it when a commercial customer signs up from a country for the first time, since it validates that our methods are working.

We recently signed up two clients from Portugal, and a couple of students are coming in for our April Training (there are still a few seats available if you want to register).

We also have a new client from Egypt where we are involved in a really exciting project. Unfortunately, it is kind of sensitive so I can’t talk about it at the moment, but I hope that will change.

The other countries are, in no particular order:

Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Israel, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Trinidad, Malta, India, Honduras, Chile, Sweden, the UAE and the US.