OpenNMS Looks for Pie in the Sky


PITTSBORO, NC (April 1, 2010) – The OpenNMS Group is announcing today that they are drastically changing their business model. Instead of producing the world’s first enterprise-grade network management platform that is truly open source, they’ve decided to turn their talents toward producing pizza.

The name of the project will be changed to OpenNOMS.

“Despite over 10 years as an open source project and over 5 years as a rapidly growing, profitable company, we’ve decided to follow the example of venture-backed open source firms and to adopt the ‘open core’ model,” says Tarus Balog, CEO of the new OpenNOMS Group. “Even though our bank balance kept going up, along with our taxes, everyone told us we couldn’t make money with a pure open source model. One of our analysts, Michael Coté of Redmonk, advised us to look at successful companies for our new venture. So we looked among our customers and said, hey, Papa John’s Pizza makes money, so we should bring our experience to bear on that.”

OpenNOMS will bring the open core development model to pizza, thus OpenNOMS will be available in two versions. The “community” supported pizza version will be available for free, while the enterprise pizza version, containing additional features, will be sold under a more traditional license.

“The community version will be just as satisfying as the enterprise version,” says Balog, “and is optimized for the cloud and virtualized environments, built leveraging the latest in Agile technology and DevOps trends.” The community version will to completely free, while the enterprise version will focus on those features specifically desired by larger and more profitable customers, such as crust, cheese and toppings.

In a video demonstrating the new product, people can see the immediate value open source brings to the pizza process. OpenNOMS can expedite virtual paradigms and benchmark mission-critical technologies in order to grow ubiquitous solutions and visualize visionary experiences with the final goal to repurpose value-added experiences and harness magnetic relationships.

OpenNOMS community edition is available now for download, and orders are being accepted for the enterprise edition.

About the OpenNOMS Group: Formerly the OpenNMS Group, OpenNOMS consists of people who believe that a valuable business can be built by focusing on customer needs and having fun fulfilling them. With a business model of “spend less than you earn” they have the luxury of focusing on customers and not investors, plus they can eat pizza and drink beer whenever they feel like it.

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