The 2009 OpenNMS User Conference Europe Is Now Online

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the first OpenNMS Users Conference held in Frankfurt this year, well, your life is just a little bit less exciting than it could be. But there’s good news – through the magic of the Internet you can watch all of the presentations and get the program slides.

Many thanks to the gang at Nethinks for creating this amazing web page and encoding all of the video. As you can see it is designed to display more than one year, and we hope to make next year’s conference even bigger and better – if that is at all possible.

So don’t miss your chance to hear me drone on and on for over two and a half hours, especially if you need a cure for insomnia.

But seriously, don’t miss the other presentations by the fine group of OpenNMS community members who made this conference the success it was, and continue to make OpenNMS the only choice for a 100% free and open source enterprise management platform.

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