Order of the Blue Polo Profile: Tyler Mills

Many thanks to those people who have already filled out their testimonials for the Order of the Blue Polo. I’ll be placing my first order for shirts tomorrow, so I should be able to ship them out in about two weeks.

The next person I wish to highlight in my series on OBP members is Taylor Mills.

The company he works for, Pavlov Media, supplies communication services to apartment complexes, thus scalability is a primary concern. He is using OpenNMS to monitor over 6500 devices, and by using it he does not “need to worry about the scalability of the platform”.

This is one thing we strive for with OpenNMS: scalability. Coupled with our determination to provide the software without “per device” software licenses, I think it would be hard to find a better solution. Think about it: even at US$10 a device they would be paying US$65,000 a year to monitor their network, and considering that many proprietary and neo-proprietary solutions run upwards of US$100 a device, the savings are considerable.

Outside of scalability, OpenNMS was designed to be an open platform. Tyler writes, “we have been able to integrate it with our ticketing system, export graphs to web pages to make available to certain parties, and mold it to our needs”. Exactly what OpenNMS was designed to do.

Please check out his testimonial where he also gives out the specs for his system hardware. Fast disks are always a plus for data collection, and having a separate database server can provide serious benefits in performance on a network of this size.