Headset Boy

I hate phone calls. I think it is because they are synchronous. With Twitter, instant messaging, IRC, RSS feeds, e-mail, etc. it is real easy for me to only pay attention to them when I have the cycles. A phone call, on the other hand, demands my immediate attention.

But, man, I have done nothing but talk on the phone for the last two days. Support calls, demos and sales calls – my ears actually hurt from wearing my headset. I’ve talked my way across the US: from Boston to Chicago, Wisconsin, Texas, to Oregon, and across the world, including Italy, Chile and Australia.

I don’t know if it is just OpenNMS or if things are picking up all over, but it’s a seriously crazy time.

If I wasn’t so tired I might actually be enjoying myself. (grin)

So let me apologize in advance if I’m a little slow in replying to e-mails, LinkedIn requests, or notes on Facebook. It’s nothing personal, and on the bright side I might be coming, soon, to a town (or country) near you.