Airport Security

When I went through airport security this morning I got the extry special screening. I am carrying some oddly shaped gifts to a friend in Germany so I expected my carry-on bag to get some attention, but they also checked my laptop bag.

Actually, the lady held it up and announced, “Spaghetti Bag!”.

So, okay, I carry lots of wires and connectors and stuff.

I just realized something both funny and scary. When I travel I like to wear a jacket that I also use when I ride my motorcycle. It works in good and bad weather and it has a removable lining that’s really warm. We’ve had nice weather so I’ve been riding a lot lately.

Well, I keep one of those old-school large garage door openers in the pocket of the jacket so I can open the door while on the bike. I meant to take it out before I left, but here I am, traveling to and in a different country, with what looks like a large remote control button (which, in fact, it is).

No one has questioned me yet, so let’s see if it makes it home.