Dev-Jam 2008 – Day 5

Dev-Jam 2008 is pretty much over but the crying. We sent a few people people home today and the rest of us head out tomorrow (well, except for Alejandro who is making a side trip to California on Sunday). Things are packed and ready to load into the van, and my guess is that everyone is ready to be home.

We also hit a milestone. At around 7:30 pm Atlanta time Alejandro Galue submitted the 10,000th code commit to the OpenNMS repository (a unit test for a RESTful interface to retrieve node data).


This time last year we were at 6985, so that’s 3015 commits in a year. Not bad since this code goes back to 2000, and thus 30% of all commits to the OpenNMS code base were done in the last 12 months. The project is really ramping up.

Plus, our favorite analyst, Micheal Coté, put his interviews up today. Skip mine and get to hear from some of the other folks involved in the project.