Dev-Jam 2008 – Day 0

Well, technically it is day one, as we are quickly approaching 1am on Monday as I write this. I’m pretty tired, so this one will be short.

We just picked up Bill Ayres from Hartsfield. He brings our total to 16 for the entire week, although we have some people who are supposed to drop in for awhile.

I started off this morning at home. Alex and I took the Magic Bus (a 15 passenger van we’ve rented for the occasion) over to Dave’s where we picked up him and Ben, then up to Matt’s house before getting on the Interstate. Something like 8 short hours later we arrived a Georgia Tech.

After unloading, we proved that 15 people is about the maximum you can fit in a 15 passenger van as we headed out to The Vortex for dinner.

Alex has some pictures from the day up on his blog. In general expect some serious blog activity over the next week. Be sure to check out the Planet OpenNMS for an aggregation of most of them.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m sorry to intrude, but this message is off topic and somewhat personal. I’ve been trying to get in touch with a friend with whom I lost contact, and found him here in your March 5th, 2004 entry: Jamie Roughan. I was overjoyed to see a picture of him and Yuki. If you (or anyone) could provide any help/info in contacting him, or forward this message to him I’d be ever thankful. I’m an old friend from San Francisco. Embedded in my username is my real name. I can be reached at
    Thanks again.

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