Europe 2008: A Day in London

We held our first OpenNMS “A Day in the Life” seminar in London today. Our host was Paul Wolf of Brainstorm. I met Paul a couple of years ago when he worked directly for Opera Telecom and he brought me over on a Greenlight project.

The Brainstorm offices are in the Highgate Studios building, near the Kentish Town tube stop. It has a serious “web circa 2000” feeling about it, with well appointed offices with painted brick walls, exposed conduit and industrial lighting. The glass-walled conference room was adorned with stenciled HTML code. It was cool to see two instances of OpenNMS up on the walls when I walked in.

It was a great place to hold the seminar, and I think everyone had a good time. We ran a bit long, but we had a lot to cover and it was our first shot at this new presentation. I think the next one will be timed a little more reasonably.

But that didn’t prevent us from heading out to the Junction Tavern, a rather nice pub a short walk away. The weather in London has been amazing, so we took advantage of it and sat out on the patio. Jonathan Sartin (OGP) managed to meet up with us, with his coworker (also a Jonathan), and we had a couple of pints and a nice meal.

Dave, Paul, Zygis, Sevan, Jonathan, Jonathan and Craig

I’m off to Milan tomorrow. Sorry about the short post, but I’ve had about 12 hours of sleep in the last three nights so I’m off to bed. I’ll update tomorrow if the Internet access from the hotel is usable.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I am surprised that a preso from Tarus would run long…

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