No Country for Old Free Software Guys

I am at the edge of “West Texas” in San Angelo in preparation for tomorrow’s Open Source Symposium. I’ve never been to this part of Texas before. It was kinda fun to fly into the airport (SJT) which only has two gates, and I’ll find out on Sunday how well the free wireless works.

I didn’t know it until well after I was asked to speak that Eric Evans (OGP) was also going to be here doing a talk on Mercurial. He’s in the top secret projects section of Rackspace these days so I don’t get to work with him as much as I used to (it is hard to believe that we’ve know each other through OpenNMS for over six years now).

Restaurant in San Angelo

We hit a local Tex-Mex place for dinner, and they had Shiner on draft, which is always a good reason to visit Texas. I’ll update more tomorrow after the Symposium.