The End of a Long Training Week

We have started to offer OpenNMS training at our offices in Pittsboro every other month, and January was one of the scheduled training months. However, being shortly after the holidays we didn’t have anyone sign up by 11 Jan, so I decided to cancel it.

Of course we immediately got an e-mail asking what happened to the class. They didn’t want to wait until the next class, so being the service-oriented guy I am, I decided to hold a class for just two guys.

I think our training is the best deal on the planet. You get instruction from the people who make OpenNMS, and since the classes are small you get a lot of attention from the instructor. These guys from Dupont lucked out – they got to spend a whole week with me (although some would question my definition of “luck”).

Chuck, Me, and Hal

For lunch on Friday we decided to visit the local brewery. OpenNMS is all about creating a tool so the guy in charge of managing the network finds it fun again, and nothing says “fun” like a flight of Pittsboro’s finest.


The next training is scheduled for March. Hope to see you there.

One thought on “The End of a Long Training Week

  1. Hi, what about coming over to Europe to do some training sometime this year? Or would it be too complicated to set up? I for one would be interested 🙂

    Sorry for the late comment, catching up on my reading ..

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