I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt

Sometimes I read back over my posts and I am certain that I come across as an arrogant a$$hole. I really don’t mean to; I just can’t help but to speak my mind on things such as the meaning of “open source”, running a business, beer, scotch, whether or not the Patriots should be the first team in the NFL with an undefeated season and other important issues.

My one true talent is the ability to surround myself with people smarter than me. Their only fault is, perhaps, hanging with me in the first place. I can’t help but think that anyone outside looking in would think “man, that’s a great team, but what’s with the loudmouth?” (grin)

In my zeal in promoting OpenNMS and our free and open ways it might seem as that I hate everyone and everything not OpenNMS. That’s not true. I’m pretty much for anything that works, even commercial solutions, and if something else works for you, great. As a services company it would actually cost me to try to support our product in the wrong environment.

Believe it or not I actually like and at times get along with other people in the field of network management. Take Eric Dahl at Zenoss, for example. We’ve met a couple of times and he’s a nice guy (not quite as nice as Ethan Galstad, but who is). At barcampESM he promised to send me a shirt and I promised to wear it.

Is it true that black is slimming? Or does this shirt make me look fat?

On second thought, don’t answer that.

Anyway – a big shout out to Eric for the polo. I’m putting an OpenNMS polo in the mail for him tomorrow. Peace out.

2 thoughts on “I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt

  1. Tarus,

    Shirt looks good! very slimming. 🙂 Can’t wait to get mine…

    You have inspired me to get my Mac 512E out of the basement and onto my desk.


  2. Heh – that went by my office one day many years ago on its way to the dump, so I grabbed it. It was an original Mac upgraded to a Mac Plus, and I ended up loading it with 4MB of RAM and a new video board. It has a 20MB hard drive.

    I boot it to OS 6 on a floppy for speed when playing Tetris or Shufflepuck, but on OS 7 (loaded on the hard drive) I can actually get it on the network. However I don’t think I can fit an SNMP agent into it (I do still have a C compiler that will run on OS 7) so I haven’t tried to monitor it (grin).

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