Exciting Travel Ahead: OSCON, Dev-Jam, LinuxWorld Expo

Having just returned from three weeks on the road, I’m not looking forward to being gone that long again, but some real exciting events are coming up for late July and August.

For the first time I’ve been invited to give a talk at OSCON on OpenNMS Case Studies the week of July 23rd in Portland, Oregon. I really like Portland and this will be my first trip to OSCON. I have to like people who have their headquarters in Sebastopol, California, an extremely beautiful place to live (I used to live outside of Santa Rosa). It seems to be a slightly different crowd than LinuxWorld, and I’m really hoping to meet in person some of the folks I’ve only known through e-mail in the past.

The week after that is one I look forward to every year: Dev-Jam. This is the one week of the year where many of the core contributors and soon to be contributors can get together and focus on our goal of making OpenNMS the world’s de facto management platform. We are getting ready to release version 1.3.3 of the code and I plan to have 1.3.4 tagged shortly after Dev-Jam ends. We have people coming from the UK, Italy, Venezuela, Belgium and the USA so far, so it should be a lot of fun.

Note: Friday is the last day to register at the reduced rate. If you are interested in learning about OpenNMS code and becoming part of the development community, Dev-Jam is the event to attend.

Another Note: Sponsorship opportunities still exist, too. Currently Google is the only confirmed sponsor, but we hope others will join them. Much like the Debian conference does with certain contributors, we underwrite the cost of Dev-Jam for members of the OGP as well as subsidizing the cost of the week for all attendees.

Finally, the week after Dev-Jam we are returning to the LinuxWorld .org Pavilion after a two year absence. We’re in great company this year, and I really love the .org Pavilion part of the show. Please track us down in the “Geek Ghetto” to say “hi”.