Forget the Bobs, I'm Going to See the Alisons

In the past I’ve been pretty critical of LinuxWorld Expo, and I may have to take some of it back.

I love the .org Pavilion at the LinuxWorld shows. We went to both US shows in 2005, and we won a Product Excellence Award at the San Francisco show. So we were really surprised when we weren’t invited back.

This year I received an e-mail from Alison McCormack with an offer to submit OpenNMS for consideration for this year’s San Francisco show. This was a nice change from the previous year where the process was shrouded in mystery, so I put our name in the hat.

Today I received an e-mail from Alison Dwelley that read in part:

Dear Tarus,
It is my pleasure to inform you that your organization has been chosen for this year’s .org Pavilion at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo being held in San Francisco August 7-9, 2007


This happens to be the week after Dev-Jam and right after I have to be in a wedding, so I had to price a plane ticket from RDU -> MSP, MSP -> ATL, ATL -> SFO, and SFO -> RDU. If we get a spot at OSCON I do believe my wife will kill me.

If you can’t make it to Dev-Jam, hope to see you in San Francisco.