Feelin' the luv

As I was getting on the plane to head home from LA, I overheard this from the cockpit:

“I don’t know about the Internet. I’m not much for all that techie stuff”.

Of course, me being me I had to open my mouth to point out that not understanding “techie stuff” doesn’t inspire confidence in a boarding passenger. “Hey Zeke, what’s all these here dials ‘n switches fer?”

They laughed.

I’m safely back in North Carolina, and I wanted to share this e-mail that came in from an OpenNMS user named Scott Cudney:

OpenNMS 1.3 is nothing less than an out of the park grand slam! When I deployed OpenNMS 1.2, the official word from my management was “I hope this thing works better than it looks!” The response to version 1.3 was “Grand Slam!” The new web UI is flat out sexy and the new functionality is making my life easier in ways you can’t imagine! I really think that you need to consider changing your logo when you label 1.3 stable. Your current logo is nice and all but it doesn’t describe what OpenNMS 1.3 really is. I’d like to suggest this:  

2 thoughts on “Feelin' the luv

  1. I still want to send him an OpenNMS polo. He writes a killer stylesheet but doesn’t respond to e-mail very well (grin).

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