LinuxWorld Expo – Day 0

Tomorrow morning is the start of LinuxWorld Expo. This is our second LinuxWorld, and I’m looking forward to it.

This time OpenNMS is a Product Excellence Award Finalist, and we find out tomorrow afternoon if we win. Wish us luck. In addition, we have also been invited to LinuxWorld Expo in London this October, so perhaps we can meet some users from “across the pond”.

You would think we would have spent all day setting up, but quite frankly we don’t have a fancy booth, etc. We do have an OpenNMS sign and we’ll be demonstrating both 1.3.0 (soon to be released I promised) and 1.2.4 (ditto) via the Internet.

Thanks to a friend in San Jose, we have a monitor to use as ours was damaged in shipping.

That’s Matt on the left and me looking goofy on the right

Instead we headed down into the Valley and met with Extreme Networks and then went over to Google. Everything you’ve heard about the Google campus is true – it’s pretty amazing.

I’m beat, so I am going to try and get some rest before the show. Please stop by if you can make it. We’re upstairs in the Geek Ghetto.