LinuxWorld and New Releases

Okay, first the good news.

Both 1.2.4 and 1.3.0 are about ready to be released.

The bad news is that in preparation for LinuxWorld Expo we really just ran out of time.

1.2.4, as our stable release, doesn’t contain any new fancy features, since new fancy features might break the old but very necessary ones. There are a lot of nice things, though, such as:

* Added the ability to use a URL in the HTTP and HTTPS Monitors. Bug 848.
* Added the ability to include %descr% tags in notifications that reflect the description of the event that caused them. Bug 1183. Thx Vincent.
* Added a new feature to fine tune RESOLVED messages in notifications. Bug 1087. Thx Bill.
* Make the tilde “~” character work in filters and rules. This allows for regular expressions in SQL queries in Postgres 7.4+

See the complete CHANGELOG for the other bugfixes.

1.3.0, our next development release, has tons of new stuff. In order to create most of it, a large amount of code was re-written, so please don’t consider the early 1.3 releases for use in production.

Currently in CVS:

* SNMPv3 support
* JMX data collection
* Alarm Reduction -> reduce pesky events down to one line
* New Availability Report Formats
* New Charts displaying anything in the database

and more (sorry, I am really tired right now and I am finding it hard to keep typing).

We’ll be demonstrating 1.3.0 at the show, so please stop by if you are in the area. We’ll be releasing both within the two weeks after LWE, 1.2.4 before 1.3.0.