OpenNMS, RANCID and Juniper

Just a quick note that I was about to get the RANCID integration working on my OpenNMS instance with our Juniper SRX router.

We used to use a Cisco router but switched to Juniper last year. I hadn’t had time to mess with the integration but a client asked to see it so I decided to see what was involved in making the change.

I changed the password but while it connected, the logs just complained about timing out. I found this helpful post that pointed out that the “root” user in JunOS is dropped into the BSD interface and not the CLI interface.

To fix that, I created a new “rancid” user:

set system login user rancid class super-user authentication plain-text-password

and entered in a new password. Once committed, I edited .cloginrc with the new credentials and then RANCID was able to successfully talk to the SRX.