OpenNMS: Esencial Para Redes de ComunicaciĆ³n

One thing I love about the OpenNMS community is its global reach. I never know from which new country I’ll learn about people using OpenNMS.

Votar en los Premios PortalProgramas al software libre

For example, I just learned that OpenNMS has been nominated for an award on PortalPrograms, a Spanish website promoting free software.

While OpenNMS doesn’t have the wide appeal of programs like Nagios, it is still cool to be nominated. Plus, I think other nominees like Debian and the Tor Project are more important to the free software movement (and freedom in general) than we are, but since it is sometimes hard to know when working in free software if anyone finds what you do valuable, it’s nice to get this sort of validation.

Voting is pretty easy – just enter in your e-mail address and click on the confirmation link when it arrives. I’d welcome your vote for OpenNMS and be sure to check out the other categories and nominees.