All Dressed Up

Today was the first work day for our summer intern, Joe.

When he came to interview, he was all dressed up in a suit. I strongly recommend wearing suits to interviews unless told specifically not to. It demonstrates that you own a suit and can put on a tie, and thus we are likely to imply that you are conscientious, chew with your mouth closed, bathe periodically and don’t pass gas in public. These implications may or may not turn out to be true, but it is nice to see someone make the effort.

Since today was his first day, we decided as a joke to come to the office all dressed up.

( Click to embiggen )

The non-smiling, non-tie-wearing guy is Joe. Next to him are Emily and Carolyn, our account managers, Ben, Donald, myself and Matt.

Seth and Jeff, who were remote today, dressed up for the daily scrum call.