OpenNMS at VMWare World

Just a quick post to encourage any of my three readers who are also VMWare users to vote for my presentation that I submitted during the Call for Papers.

Entitled “5390 Monitoring VMWare with OpenNMS” my goal is to show off all of the cool stuff coming in 1.12 for integrating with vSphere and getting all that crunchy VMWare goodness into OpenNMS.

Vote early and often, and I approved this message.


Thank you for your interest in speaking at VMworld 2013. Our Content Committee took great care in reviewing each and every session proposal. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept your session proposal

Thanks everyone who voted.

One thought on “OpenNMS at VMWare World

  1. Done!

    ps – please submit CFP to somewhere with smarter site devs next time, the registration captcha on that site kept throwing me 1/l/I characters. 😉

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