Wyndham and Miller Marketing

I am a huge fan of David Thorne’s 27bslash6 website, not the least because he references the movie Brazil.

Fans of his site are aware of his on going feud with office-mate Simon, and he took it to a new level this week by defacing Simon’s page on the the corporate website of Wyndham and Miller, where David works.

David announced in a tweet that the defacement had been up for 26 days without anyone noticing. It’s brilliant, and I was excited because now that I know where David works perhaps I could hire him to do some marketing for OpenNMS, assuming he still worked there.

However, as hours then days went by without the site being corrected, I got suspicious. So I did a search on “Wyndham and Miller” and found no references outside of the website. Odd for a marketing company founded in 1996 to have no web presence. Then I did a “whois” and noticed the domain was registered just this week.


The site is beautiful. Any small marketing firm would be happy to have such a site, and under David’s profile is a very good summary of his abilities.

Too bad they don’t exist. (grin)