Announcing the OpenVND Project

OpenNMS has many uses, from insuring that customers of a billion dollar pizza business get their food on time to maintaining the machines that guard nuclear fuel, but we all know what we really need.

A way to manage our soda machines.

Nothing says “ugly” like a bunch of geeks, and nothing is uglier than when those same geeks are deprived of caffeine.

Thus today, the OpenNMS Project is happy to announce the Open VeNDing Project (OpenVND), leveraging the power of OpenNMS to address this need for the greater good.

Visit today for the full details.

3 thoughts on “Announcing the OpenVND Project

  1. Actually, we released on April 1st but it is very real. That’s why I put in the link to the demo site.

  2. For example, Ben just bought an RC Cola (’cause he does stuff like that in the afternoon).

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