New OpenNMS Book – in English!

As we start work on the English language OpenNMS book, which is turning into a rather large undertaking, imagine my surprise when I found out that one has already been written.

Yes! Amazingly, you can get an OpenNMS book for about US$0.50 a page containing content scraped from Wikipedia. While I’m not about to drop US$63 to see this for myself, I just wanted to warn everyone that the publishers of this “book” have absolutely no relationship with the OpenNMS Project and I, in no way, have endorsed it.

Betascript is a an imprint of VDM Publishing which is known for repackaging content from Wikipedia, and the latter reports that a Swiss newspaper “described VDM’s practices as controversial and bordering on deception”. This book will consist of the Wikipedia pages for OpenNMS, Network Monitoring, Network Management and FCAPS. Save yourself the money and just click and print them yourself.

At the moment, the only “real” OpenNMS book is in German. This English language book should be avoided. I am working with Amazon to see what our options are for getting it removed.