Add Thresholds to the Front Page

Ronny came up with a nifty little enhancement to the front page:

It adds a thresholds box under the outages box reflecting the status of unacknowledged threshold alarms. There is an icon reflecting whether the alarm is a high, low, relative or absolute threshold and a link via the node label to the alarm itself.

I added (with some help) a mouseover box that displays the log message when you mouse over the node label so you can see the details of the alarm.

We will be adding this to OpenNMS 1.10, but if you want it in 1.8 simply visit the enhancement page and patch the files. It doesn’t require a recompile or a restart.

One thought on “Add Thresholds to the Front Page

  1. I hacked some pieces out of Ronny’s additions and similarly made a Nodes Down box based on the nodeDown alarm.

    We have always had a greater priority to see devices with completely down status vs devices with only bits and pieces down, and this works very well.

    I had tried to replicate the Outages model to do this, but that is a complicated piece of work. Ronny’s is much easier to maintain. 😉

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