I am writing this from the Air France lounge in the Lisbon airport. In a few hours I should be back in England in preparation for our training next week. I took the time to catch up on the news.

I’ve been following the unrest in Egypt closely. While I have never visited Egypt, I have been to the Middle East a couple of times and I’ve found the people there to be some of the most friendly on the planet. And don’t get me started on the delicious food.

We have commercial customers in Egypt, including the government. I sent out the following note out to them today. I’m not sure if they will receive it, so I wanted to post it here:


Working in open source brings together people of all nations and beliefs.

I just wanted to send to you this note that we are all wishing you safety and health during Egypt’s troubles. We sincerely hope that the issues are resolved soon and in a way that provides freedom and prosperity for all.

We are thinking of you in our prayers.