The OpenNMS Group Announces The OpenNMS Certified Partner Program (Press Release)


PITTSBORO, NC – 18 Jan 2010

The OpenNMS Group ( is pleased to announce the first members of its new Certified Partner program. By forming strategic alliances with service providers around the world, the Certified Partner program will expand the adoption of OpenNMS, the world’s first enterprise-grade network management application platform that is 100% free and open source software.

Users of OpenNMS will now have the option of obtaining services from local companies in their time zone and their language. Support services will be provided through the OpenNMS Group’s MyNMS Support Portal which will still allow access to the main developers of the software. Partners must keep at least two OpenNMS Certified Consultants on staff to ensure that they are able to deliver the highest quality professional services and to uphold the reputation that OpenNMS has earned over the last decade.

“Our goal for OpenNMS is nothing short of making it the de facto standard platform for building powerful, flexible and highly scalable network management applications,” stated Tarus Balog, Chief Executive Officer of the OpenNMS Group. “By leveraging the most talented partners worldwide, we are able to reach many more people, in their native language, and yet back it with the high level of support our customers have come to expect from OpenNMS through our MyNMS portal.”

The first OpenNMS Certified Partner in Germany is NETHINKS GmbH (, an IT-specialist company with its headquarters in Fulda, Hessen. NETHINKS has been the main sponsor for the last two years of the OpenNMS Users Conference – Europe.

“We already knew five years ago about the basic necessity for a professional network management system, that offers companies the possibility of constantly monitoring their complex IT-facilities. Therefore we checked several tools that are available throughout the international market and asserted right away that OpenNMS gives you lots of advantages compared to other software-types”, explains Uwe Bergmann. “Whereas many network management systems are designed as commercial products and have functional limits, OpenNMS is a 100 percent free software alternative that does not incur a license fee and can be used for even the most complex IT-facility structure.”

In addition, NETHINKS employee Ronny Trommer is both a member of the governing body of the OpenNMS Project, The Order of the Green Polo, as well as coauthor of the first book on OpenNMS, “OpenNMS: Netzwerkmanagement mit freier Software”.

The first official partner in the United Kingdom is entimOSS, Ltd. ( with headquarters in Southampton. entimOSS focuses on providing expert services in the area of Operations Support Systems (OSS). Dr. Craig Gallen, founder of entimOSS, is also a member of the Order of the Green Polo and has been leading efforts by OpenNMS to bring open source software to carriers through his work with the TeleManagement Forum. Last year he led a project in collaboration with BT to use OpenNMS as part of a proof of concept for managing cloud-based services called the “Cloud Service Broker”.

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that open source platforms like OpenNMS offer unique opportunities to flexibly meet the technical and commercial requirements of a wider range of customers,” noted Dr. Gallen. “Running any software business is challenging but the OpenNMS group have pioneered a unique business model which more equitably derives value from the platform for both their customers and the community they have built around the project. It is exciting to be able to join them on the journey.”

By creating strong strategic partnerships throughout the world that are directly backed by The OpenNMS Group, OpenNMS is now a viable alternative to limited and expensive commercial solutions.

Negotiations are underway to certify more partners. For information on the program, please contact The OpenNMS Group.


OpenNMS is the world’s first enterprise-grade network management application platform developed under the open-source model. It is a 100% free software alternative to commercial products such as HP Operations Manager, IBM Netcool and Tivoli, and CA Unicenter.


The OpenNMS Project is maintained by The OpenNMS Group (, who also provide commercial support, services and training for the OpenNMS platform.