Iron Men

As I was checking out the OpenNMS iPhone app today, I noticed that it was published on September 1, 2010.

The OpenNMS Group opened for business on September 1, 2004, so happy anniversary to us. We’ve been so busy I almost forgot about it.

One of the traditional gifts for the sixth anniversary is iron, and I have been blessed to work with the best team one could ever hope to put together – they are Iron Men, every one.

For most people, seeing the business behind OpenNMS get another year older is a non-event. But if you had been a part of it, and had to listen to those “in the know” telling you time and time again how you can’t possibly run a business where you give the software away, that you can’t succeed without outside investment and you can’t possibly grow, each year we’re here is more proof that they are wrong.

I love my job, and I just want to thank everyone who makes that possible. Six years down and many more to go.