OpenNMS 1.6.11 and OpenNMS 1.7.90 Released

I am happy to announce that there are two new releases of OpenNMS now available.

The latest stable release is 1.6.11 and contains a number of bugfixes and small configuration additions, with several corrections made to fix installation issues. There should be no problem upgrading an existing 1.6 release to this version, but there is also no overwhelming reason to do so if you are not experiencing the problems it addresses.

The more exciting news is that our release candidate for 1.8, version 1.7.90, has been released. This is the feature complete release and we’ll be spending the next several weeks cleaning up bugs to make it ready to become the next stable. This also means that 1.6.11 will be the last release in the 1.6 line unless something major is found.

There will a number of 1.7.9x releases in the next few weeks, leading up to 1.8.0, so if you have a development machine we’d love it if you’d install it and give us feedback.

As usual, the the release notes can be found on our website, and the code is available from out apt and yum repositories and well as from SourceForge.