Linux Link Tech Show Available for Download

Last night I had a lot of fun chatting with the Linux Link Tech Show guys. It is episode #343 and it is available for download.

I love any forum where I can run my mouth for an hour and a half talking about OpenNMS and open source software, and I can’t wait to meet these guys in person at SELF (where we are a diamond sponsor).

Note that it is subtitled “linux talk. unfiltered” and I do use the occasional profanity. The spirit took me toward the end and I did drop one “f-bomb” so if you are sensitive to such things you should probably avoid this podcast.

2 thoughts on “Linux Link Tech Show Available for Download

  1. Just wanted to post that I just listened to this podcast. I really appreciate your view points and I am very glad we have people like you in the Open Source world. I am so impressed by what you have done with your company and the things you profess that I am currently installing a virtual machine to play around with OpenNMS. Don’t know if I have a use for it, but I want to check it out. 🙂

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