OpenNMS in Africa

For over three years now, OpenNMS has been heavily involved in bringing open source development techniques to the world’s largest telecommunications providers through the TeleManagement Forum (TMForum).

Dr. Craig Gallen (OGP) is the leader of the TMForum Interface Program (TIP) and he is making a number of presentations about our work with TIP. The first one is being held at the Management World Africa conference tomorrow (25 February).

For many years carriers have be asking for a greater number of open interfaces so that the various management products they need can more easily interact. Needless to say, getting proprietary software companies to share their work has been difficult, but the hope is that by using open source techniques along with permissive licensing we can both increase the number of open interfaces as well as speed their development.

Craig will also be at the Management World Middle East conference, and both of us will be at the main Management World conference in Nice, France in May. If you are going to be at any of these, please stop by and introduce yourself, and we can explain in more depth what we are trying to accomplish.