Dear Lazyweb: jQuery help

We launched a new OpenNMS Group website this week and I am having a small problem. On the home page we have a jQuery script called Crossslide that rotates some pictures in the banner:

It works fine on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE8. It doesn’t work on IE7 and I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve reformatted the code, used both relative and explicit paths, and … nothing. No errors either.

I have no experience debugging Javascript issues within IE, so if you can help I would appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: jQuery help

  1. You are the man. I wonder why that broke it?

    The original designer had put some text that I guess they didn’t want to be displayed yet wanted to be available for SEO.

    Since I don’t care about SEO I set it to 0px, dropped the offending text and my problem when away.

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