Full House

Okay, things are insane at the moment. We’ve never been this busy, so I apologize for lack of posts.

I’m currently in Portland, Oregon (having awakened at 5am local time), and while I don’t have time for a “real” post I did get something in the mail today from a client of ours in Canada that I had to share.

At OpenNMS we sell our support based on the fact that a) we’re the experts when it comes to OpenNMS and b) we’ve seen a lot of problems clients experience before.

Jeff was helping a client with a database issue and he brought up a trick we use around here for performance. The client has a device that had sent hundreds of thousands of useless traps to OpenNMS, and once that was fixed he wanted to trim the events out of the DB. After we got it all sorted, the client replied:

Thanks for your great support Jeff.

You are the missing ACE for my full house…lol

I live for stuff like this.