OpenNMS 1.6.5 Released

I am happy to announce the availability of OpenNMS 1.6.5, the next stable release of OpenNMS.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Capsd will now use ifHighSpeed instead of ifSpeed when available (Bug #1822)
  • The SNMP configuration shipped with OpenNMS now uses SNMP v2c, fewer retries, and a longer timeout by default, for more efficient scanning. (Bug #3050)
  • Data collection and graphing has been added or updated for Alcatel-Lucent, Allot, Alteon, Aruba, Ascend, Avocent, Bluecat, BlueCoat, Cisco Airespace, Lucent, NetApp, Overture, Packeteer, and Powerware devices (Bugs #3096, #3099, #3109, and #3138)
  • Support has been added for using raw instance identifiers in thresholds when no data source label can be inferred (Bug #3108)
  • Support was added for a number of new Cisco devices in Linkd (Bug #3110)
  • Support has been added for extracting the bgpPeerRemoteAddr instance identifier from the varbinds of the bgpEstablished and bgpBackwardTransition traps defined in the BGP4-MIB. This allows us to make meaningful alarm annotations for these events so that the resulting alarms can self-clear. (Bug #3156)
  • Some tools have been added to OpenNMS “contrib” for creating SNMP walk dumps suitable for debugging with OpenNMS’s mock SNMP server. (Bug #3173)
  • The default “Database” category now includes MSSQL and Oracle in addition to MySQL and PostgreSQL. (Bug #3175)

Bug Fixes

  • The Capsd HTTP plugin now properly honors response-text parameters. (Bug #2774)
  • The HTTP collector now properly honors the “retry” parameter. (Bug #3133)
  • The Hyperic HQ service monitor definition now detects Hyperic HQ 4.x properly. (Bug #3106)
  • Multiple nodes with the same name/label can now be distinguished from each other in category views. (Bug #3112)
  • Vacuumd cleans out old (invalid) nodes from topology map tables. (Bug #3121)
  • The JMX collector now works when store-by-group persisting is enabled. (Bug #3160)
  • Configuration file filtering has been fixed so that tags aren’t properly expanded in (Bug #3174)
  • The remote poller build now ensures it is compiled with the correct version of Groovy. (Bug #3176)

The full list of changes is available in bugzilla.