Welcome Honduras!

Last week we received a purchase order from Honduras, and we’d like to welcome that country to our little family. While the OpenNMS Project has users all over the world (such as in Vietnam), we’re happy that the OpenNMS Group also has commercial clients all of over world as well. I look forward to the day that every country who has downloaded the software also includes a commercial client who wants a Greenlight, since there is a huge list of places I haven’t been able to visit yet, including anywhere in South America or Africa.

The current list of client countries includes the USA, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Israel, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Trinidad, Malta, India, and now Honduras. We also just finished work for a company in the Virgin Islands, but I’m not sure I can count it as a new country, although I’d love to visit.

Queremos dar la bienvenida a nuestros nuevos amigos en Honduras, y a esperanza de estar con ellos durante muchos aƱos a venir.

One thought on “Welcome Honduras!

  1. Los Catrachos!!!

    In a confluence of things: I’m currently reading “Small Is Possible” (the great book that mentions OpenNMS on pages 52 and following), which reminded me of a blog I wrote about the power of desire in small countries and their athletes.

    Here’s the link: http://marsosudiro.com/2008/08/25/how-badly-do-you-want-it-olympic-proportions/

    Though Honduras doesn’t get mentioned, the seeds of this blog post were planted while I was in a San Pedro Sula hotel lobby last June, watching the Honduras soccer team on television while they played in a downpour just blocks away. BTW, the United States is currently ranked 15th, which means (if you ask me) that their desire is rising.

    Congrats on picking up Honduras. May your client succeed with your services — because Lord knows that country could use some serious fixing before they squander their incredible beauty.

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