Twitter Outage

There is currently a Twitter outage going on:

However, Jeff thought it would be cool to monitor Twitter, so we all got notified.

Cool, huh? And we’ll know pretty soon after it comes back up.

NOTE: It actually came back up as I was typing this and I got the RESOLVED message. So much fun with network management.

One thought on “Twitter Outage

  1. Shortly after Tarus published this post, I received a Twitter DM from Esmir Alemic asking if I would mind sharing the configuration for the Twitter service monitor. So here it is. I used the Provisioning Groups feature to create the node and Twitter service, which in OpenNMS 1.6 requires the addition of a dummy protocol plugin to the capsd-configuration.xml file (in 1.8 you’ll be able to do this using Provisiond instead):

    The real magic lives in the poller-configuration.xml file. Define the Twitter service in the appropriate package (beware the default-empty “strafer” package):

    Finally, don’t forget to tell the poller which monitor class to use for the Twitter service:

    I used the PageSequenceMonitor rather than the more basic HttpMonitor because I plan on coming back later and making the page sequence include logging in to a Twitter account, verifying that some more sophisticated tests pass, and logging out again.

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