The Masters

I am not a golf person. I’ve never played a round. Even though we named the OpenNMS Order of the Green Polo after the Masters green jacket, I had not ever watched more than just a small amount of that tournament.

Well, this year the Masters happened to land on Easter, so I drove to my parents house, stuffed myself with the annual Easter feast and planted myself on the couch. The tournament happened to be on and I ended up watching.

The whole thing.

I found it quite entertaining. There’s lot of numbers involved, and I like numbers. Plus, this year the last round was pretty exciting (and ended with a two-hole sudden death playoff). Another thing I found amazing is that while I know a lot of people who play golf, I don’t know, personally, anyone who has ever, in their life, shot a par round of golf. Yet these players were consistently shooting under par.

The only downside to the afternoon was the guy who keeps shouting “It’s in the hole!” after every shot, especially those by Tiger Woods. Who is this guy? More importantly, is there something we, as a group, can do to him physically to convince him to stop? I’m sure we can think of something.

It was probably funny the first 300 times, but seriously dude.