The Order of the Blue Polo

As many of you know, the OpenNMS project is run by a super-secret cabal of ex-Illuminati called the Order of the Green Polo. The membership requirements are pretty stringent (and the initiation process is obscenely biological) and thus only the clinically dedicated tend to be involved.

However, we know that there are others out there that simply enjoy using OpenNMS to solve their management needs (or at least enjoy downloading it – our servers post several days with greater than 300 GB of traffic every time we do a release) and now we want to hear your story.

Becoming a member of The Order of the Blue Polo is simple: write to us a testimonial about why you like OpenNMS and how you use it. It would also be cool if you tell us the size of your network (number of devices, interfaces, and services). In exchange we’ll send you a super limited edition, very nice Royal Blue polo shirt embroidered with the OpenNMS logo. This is open to anyone on any size network in any country, subject to a few small requirements:

1) We get to print your testimonial on our website.

2) We get to print your name on our website.

3) We get to print the name of your company on our website.

In our experience that last requirement is a bit of a sticky one. We have some commercial support clients in the financial sector that make us sign NDAs where we can’t even acknowledge they exist (seriously). To make things easier, we won’t use your company’s logo, and the header of the Order of the Blue Polo page will include the text:

These testimonials reflect the opinions of the people writing them and not their employer. This should not be considered an official endorsement or recommendation by any of the companies listed. Think of these as director’s commentaries you find on DVDs with the same disclaimer that the movie studios use (and we all fast-forward through) at the beginning of the film.

We need that information for two reasons: first, these shirts are really nice and they are not cheap, and second we are doing this to raise a greater awareness of how OpenNMS is being used, so we want to show that it is being used by real companies and not just some guy in his basement (although to all you guys in your basements using OpenNMS – we still love you, just not enough to send you a shirt).

To join, send your testimonial to along with your shirt size and a mailing address. We’ll have your shirt to you within three to four weeks. If you send us a picture of you wearing your shirt, we’ll be more than happy to add it to the website.

Finally, we reserve the right to limit the number of members in the OBP (we don’t have unlimited money to spend on this joint). It will be first come, first served.


Size     Neck     Chest
Small     14 (36)     34 (86) – 36 (91)
Medium     15 (38)     38 (97) – 40 (102)
Large     16 (41)     42 (107) – 44 (112)
XLarge     17 (43)     46 (117) – 48 (122)
XXL     18 (46)     50 (127) – 52 (132)
3XL     19 (48)     54 (137) – 56 (142)

size in inches (centimeters)