Okay, it’s time for something totally off topic and, I hope, fun. I just finished watching this week’s Heroes. I’ll try not to spoil it, but if you haven’t seen it feel free to stop reading now.

It was Matt who got me hooked on the show during Season 1, and I was a little upset that the writer’s strike cancelled the second half of Season 2. Part of me was jaded going into Season 3 because of it.

But so far it has been great. They’ve closed some plot lines and managed to start some new ones. The best part has been the handling of Sylar. I like my superheroes to have a specialty and a weakness, and so I dislike “all powerful” characters like Sylar and Peter Petrelli. But the writers are having fun with him this year, and next week looks even better. I’m looking forward to seeing Zachary Quinto in next year’s Star Trek movie as Spock (excellent casting).

Oh, on the lead in show, Chuck, I thought all the Apple product placements were funny, from Chuck’s iPhone to the Apple monitor in his bedroom to using a Mac SE as the interface to the new, all powerful Intersect II computer. I mean, the Mac SE was cool, but …

One thought on “Heroes

  1. I’m three months older than the new Lieutenant Spock. Great.

    [Written while watching Shatner on Boston Legal, on the first night of Rosh Hashana. Weird.]

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