OpenNMS 1.5.94 Released

Yesterday, after Ben and Matt overcame some issues with getting our deployment tool to work, OpenNMS version 1.5.94 was released.

I had been using it at a client site all week and I have to say it is the best OpenNMS yet. It is pretty much what will be in 1.6.0. We’re planning a 1.5.95 release for mid-October, with 1.6.0 following by Halloween.

There were over 120 bugs fixed between 1.5.93 and this release, as well as a number of new features (including an integration between OpenNMS and OTRS which I’ll talk more about next week).

We hope you enjoy this release and find it useful.

5 thoughts on “OpenNMS 1.5.94 Released

  1. I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t done an install on OpenSolaris but it runs fine on Solaris 10.

    We have run into an issue running on openJDK, but that is due to a bug in the JDK itself which has been duly reported and should be fixed soon.

  2. Hi tarus,

    This could be my problem here – I tried some tests and found that if I installed 1.5.94 over a 1.5.93 installation, there were java errors in the output.log file, however on a clean install or when I removed all except the etc directory, everything looks fine 🙂

    Be advised that the bin/opennms shell script assumes that /bin/sh is the bash shell too (as opposed to bourne)

    Thanks for all of the effort to get the release out!

  3. Yeah – the jar files in /opt/opennms/lib get changed a little each release, and if you have two of the same (say, from an older release) it’ll cause issues.

    I need to figure out package management on Solaris to allow for config files, like RPM and debs.

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