Okay, so I don’t always rush out to try the latest and greatest meme to sweep the intarwebs. I’m slow.

Apparently, not as slow as Twitter.


I’m an old guy. I don’t twit. I still think e-mail is pretty “keen”.

But I decided to try it. I set up my account and downloaded Twitterific. Several guys in the office had accounts so I started to follow them. This is what I got for my trouble:

This sounds like a job for OpenNMS. Hey – Twitter dudes – drop me a “tweet” @Sortova and we’ll see if we can help with things like this:

since you can see I haven’t done 70 tweets in my life, much less an hour. I”m not Coté. (grin)

But hey, if you like this sort of thing, feel free to follow “OpenNMS“.

If you can.